alpha wine exports

Bulk Wine / Spirits

We sell bulk Wine in COMMERICAL RANGE – Mirabella & all auszone spirits products.

Bulk Wine/Spirits: Custom labelled products (wine/spirits with personalised labels) is the perfect way to promote your own brand or economically high profitable way to get in to the market. Custom wine/spirits labels allow you to make a product to your requirements. The bulk wine/spirits export controls were amended on 1st March 2015, and we the exporter no longer require the facility packaging the wine/spirits at the export destination to demonstrate compliance with a quality management of Australian standard. Our full service capabilities now extend bulk supply to any export Market. This will allow you to explore the market with your own price with quality Australian products from a clean environment.

We export all the commercial Mirabella wines listed above as bulk and all the AusZone spirits products in bulk too.
Minimum bulk shipment per type is from 1000 to 24000 liters.